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Coaching is designed for people who want to grow, but need help overcoming the invisible

(or maybe not so invisible!) roadblocks in their way. 

Passivity. Trauma. Numbing. Disappointment. Failure. Fear. Lack of direction. 

These obstacles can prevent you from being your true self and living the life you were created for. The truth is, you were created for connection - with God, yourself and others.  But when relational disconnection occurs, we lose the critical source of power we need to focus, engage, heal and be our true selves. 


Table and Well Coaching offers a unique approach to coaching.  We combine the Immanuel Process with practice skills and tools.  By doing this, we partner with God in your goal setting, growth, and overall journey.

If you are ready for healing and transformation, from the inside-out, want to go deeper in the relational skills you are learned, or you have come to the right place.

Tennison Barry: AACC Certified Life & Relational Health Coach, Trauma Trainer, Trauma Informed Coach