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Group Lecture


Co-Labs, only available to our Become* members,  are our signature, highly interactive online group courses, focused on learning and practicing key skills that are proven to heal, transform and deepen your relationship with God, yourself and others. Each of the 5 Co-Lab levels strengthens your ability to confidently live and belong, as your whole self, in all of your relationships. It's TIME for lasting change!

*Become Membership - develop deep connection with God, yourself, & others in community - $149.99/month


All listed times are EST

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Would it benefit me to do more than one level of Co-Labs?  YES!  The Level 1 Lab really only scratches the surface of the relational skills needed to live to your full potential. We highly encourage you to consider engaging in every level of Co-Lab offered through your current stage of life (Level 2 Child Stage, Level 3 Adult Stage, Level 4 Parent/Leader Stage, Level 5 Community Elder Stage).


Would Co-Labs be beneficial to do with my spouse?  Absolutely. We have seen a significant strengthening of the marriages of participants who have taken Co-Labs at the same time. There is just something powerful about choosing growth in the same area, at the same time, using the same tools. However, this is not a “fix my marriage/spouse” course. Instead, it is a “I am investing in learning and growing in my own relational health” course - because you being healthier will benefit all of your relationships. So whether you are on the brink of divorce, or wanting to just find a new level of relational depth in your marriage, Co-Labs are, without a doubt, the best gift you could give your marriage this year. Co-Labs are also great for engaged couples. 


Why are RoundTables included in Co-Labs?  Round Tables are incorporated into Co-Labs to ensure participants are able to experience both learning skills and practicing them within a small authentic community.  Co-Labs gather around skill and tools, Rountables gather around hearts.


Can I participate in a Round Table even after my Co-Lab has ended?  Yes! Round Table are a one year commitment.  So many of our participants have begun to build meaningful relationships with those in their Co-Lab, only to lose connection when the course ends. Round Tables are where you belong in real, heart connected community around the Table and grow in relationship in an authentic community of practice.

Do Co-Labs need to be attended in order?  Yes. 


"Connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and valued; when they can give and receive without judgement; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship."

     ~ Brene’ Brown

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