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Community Table

What if church was simple? 

Joy fueled.  Jesus led.  Communities of practice.
Spiritual Moms & Dads.  Ecosystems of grace.

The table has been set and there is room for you...

January & 29th
February  12th & 26th

Joy.  Connection.  Listening.  Worship.  Jesus.
All of the above, potluck style - space is limited

9:45  ~  Set up & Fellowship
10:15  ~ Brunch/Table Time 
11:45  ~  Group Listening/Sharing Time

 What to bring: Bible, Journal, and a Brunch item

All listed times are EST

*To learn more, listen to our podcast series called "The Half Brained Church"
or our new series "Stories From the Table"



Why Every Other Week?
We believe that everyone needs a place to belong and should be creating a place of belonging for others.  Our hope is that once belonging is found at our table, or even if it's not, that you will create belonging for others at your table without losing your place to belong. 

What Happens at the Table?
We connect with God, ourselves, and others through four simple rhythms: Check In - Appreciation - Worship -Listen to Jesus

How Do We Know What To Bring?
On the sign up page you will be able to choose what you would like to bring to for Brunch.

Did You Pick This Time to "Compete" with Traditional Church?
No!  We love the traditional church.  This was and is the best time for our family.  Also, we know that some people are looking for something different than the traditional church model and this is a time that would fit in their natural rhythm of life.

“Life in community is best when people have life-giving relationships.”

Marcus Warner, Jim Wilder    RARE Leadership

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