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Round Tables

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Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Known. 

RoundTables, available to our Belong*and Become* members, are online, bi-weekly, committed small group gatherings of those who are willing to consistently show up for, and invest in, their own personal relational growth and the growth of the others at the table. They were created out of Co-Lab participants' desire to continue building relationships, within an authentic community of practice. RoundTables are sure to be a valuable part of your relational health journey, as they create a consistent opportunity to experience being seen, heard and known and learning to provide the same to others. During our time together, we practice 3 simple rhythms: Shared Appreciation, Check In, and Listening to Jesus.

*Belong Membership - belong in real, heart connected community around the Table - $49.99/month

*Become Membership - develop deep connection with God, yourself, & others in community - $149.99/month

All listed times are EST